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What do we do?
Our philosophy in relation to our projects is based on:
Respect Working for the community development
Preventing paternalism and charity Participation and joint responsibility
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Cooperation projects
Future ideas:
Water is a priority means for a sustainable development. With it we will be healthy. We want / desire to boost codevelopment projects based on the construction of wells and drinking water channeling for people, farming and herd.
Up-to-date interventions:
Construction project of a water tank and pipe water to 10 villages in the Community of Kandi Rurale.

The project Health and Education in Rural Community Kandi aims to educate people on the importance of health and to help families in this area in order to adhere to the mutuality of Kanda health.
Up-to-date performances:
Construction of several health centers in the CRK.
Medicine delivery and sanitary material with the support of the Official School in Girona and all the chemists in the Selva region.
Rehabilitation of a health centre in the CRK with the participation of the Town Council in Lloret de Mar, the regional government in Girona, the AMPA from the Immaculada Concepció School in Lloret de Mar and the CSS Chaplaincy in Lloret de Mar.
A medical ambulance equipment with a nurse to attend small villages and the collaboration of the Red Cross in Arbucies, the Town Council in Lloret de Mar and the Rotari Club in Lloret de Mar too.
Collaboration in the nutritional recovery project under the CREN (Center of Recovery and Nutritional Education) advice and organization.
A generative income project for a local development in the CRK, where the counterpart is the FODDE organization in Kolda which is subsidized from the Town Councils in Arbucies, Lloret de Mar and Palafolls, the Regional Government in Girona and the Catalan Agency of Cooperation.
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