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2010-2011 lottery
Do you want to participate in the Ndennden Ngol·len joint weekly state-run lottery?
The amount of money to participate will be 100 Euros a year.
52 Euros will be set aside to play the joint weekly state-run lottery, by paying 1 euro weekly a year (52 weeks). The draw will be carried out every Saturday.
The 48 remaining Euros will be set aside for Ndennden Ngol·len joint and intercultural group.
The 2010-2011 corresponding payment will be paid in cash before the 21st September 2010 and the first day will be the 26th September 2010.
52 % of the amount of the winner prizes will be shared out among all the participants at the end of the season.
The 48% remaining will be donated to the Ndennden Ngol•len Association.
At the beginning of the present season we will communicate you the number of people that have participated and played with us, as well as the joint weekly state-run lottery numbers we are playing with, which will be always the same right through the season.
Yes, I want to participate.
To participate fill up the form and deposit 100 Euros into the following association account: 2100 0221 25 0100790131 before 21st September 2009-09-08 Don’t forget to state: Joint state lottery “Name” “Surname1” “Surname2”
Identity card:
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